Let me tell you this story as my Papa used to tell it…
In the days of old, when Perun and Weles walked the earth, in a land far, far away, over the
mountains, over the hills, where the winding river made its way through the meadows, where
the wildwoods reached the horizon, amongst the marshes and clearings, in the Realm of
men… oblivion got the best of human memory. The gods and their demons-servants called
Stworzes, started to lose their strength as people turned away from them. The Elder’s words
faded in people minds. There were no more offerings waiting for Stworzes in wayside shrines.
No dried fruits, no bowls of milk and honey left at the doorstep for them. The villagers no
longer cared for the Stworzes’ grace. The memory of the demons’ wrath faded away.
But the Stworzes will not be easily forgotten.
They left their lairs and entered the human world once again. Determined to regain their
respect, either through dread or with kindness, they would claim the land once and for all.
They used all their powers to win the people over with joy or to punish their blasphemy with
pain. But there can be only one ruler of the Realm. It didn’t take long for them to turn against
one another. The Realm became their battlefield… for it is in their nature to rule alone.
The ending of this story is faded and unclear. It will be revealed once you join the march…
following in the Stworzes’ footsteps.


STWORZE is an adventure board game that takes you on a journey to the world of Slavic mythology inhabited by Stworza – magical creatures that live in the world of people and participate in their everyday lives. Stworza can be merciful, but must not be disregarded! They are also prone to punish people with their anger. In STWORZE game, the players take on the role of one of ten Stworza and carry out various missions to increase their influence on the Realm.

The Stworze that will first conduct all missions from its Mission Deck will be victorious. Each mission requires the performance of actions, while each action requires the performance of specific activities on the board. These activities are meant to increase the influence of the given Stworzeon the Realm and, consequently, to make the player its sole Caretaker.

When performing an action, the players can decide whether to help or harm the people. They can also carry out a mission or send the people to raid the dens of other Stworza. Moreover, the choice of a particular action brings all Stworza closer to the activation of an Event – such as Forfather’s Eve or Koliada.

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Gameboard Gram Prix 2018

Best Polish author game — 2nd place

Game with the most vibe — 3rd place

Best crowdfunding campaign — 1st place

Best illustrated game — 2nd place

In the box:

103 wooden tokens

10 Stworze resin minatures

5 wooden cusomized dice

10 character cards

5 rules shortcut cards

187 cards – 58×88 mm

106 cards – 44×68 mm

Printed linen satchel


rule book

Resin miniatures and wooden tokens are handcrafted.
Color of the resin and color of the wood may vary from model to model.

Age – 12+

Gameplay – from 60 to 180 minutes

1-5 players

Over 200 individual illustrations

Characters cards




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