Wooden, official insert for Stworze game. It helps the player to set up all components and start the game quickly. The insert consists of card holders with partitions and containers for each engraved token type. The insert has much room left for any potential future additions, such as new Stworza, tokens or cards.

The insert includes:

1 small cards holder

2 large cards holders with partitions

1 container for miniatures

1 container for tokens, Stworza stands and dice

1 container for the token bag and cardboard Stworza cards

2 containers for engraved tokens

CAUTION! The game components visible in the photograph are not included in the set – they are only meant to visualize the filled insert and present its functionality.

The insert is made of light plywood in bright color and can be painted or varnished. The insert needs to be glued with the use of wood glue.

Order fulfillment time: 14 days

Manufacturer: WARBOX

Download a PDF file with the assembly instructions.